Piramidal Gráfica        Guanajuato, GTO México

jim Hibbard         Jenny Hibbard         Hugo Anaya Barba
casamasaguas@prodigy.net.mx    tel:52 (473) 734 0315

Pirimidal Gráfica is a new private art center located within a two-century-old stone wall with
patios and adjacent gardens close to the center of Guanajuato, a city noted for its Spanish
Colonial architecture in the State of Guanajuato, Mexico.

Piramidal Gráfica provides a large, well equipped and flexible place in which to create drawings,
paintings, mixed media, and off-press or press-pulled intaglio, lithographic or monotype prints.
An excellent feature is a separate intimate gallery space for exhibits and receptions. Piramidal
Gráfica will on occasion offer two-day, five-day and 10-day workshop courses on schedules to
be announced.

Our intent is to set high standards in the making  of art and to make a positive and dynamic
contribution to cultural life in the way that only art can.

The November, 2005 workshop will be led by Rachel Hibbard, Painter, Printmaker and
Installation Artist based in Portland, Oregon.
Web site:    http://web,pdx.edu/-dirh      email:

Check this site later for 2006 schedule.
Clockwise from upper left:
  • Logo pencil drawing (Jim Hibbard)
  • Garden in March (Jenny Hibbard)
  • Monotype (Hugo Anaya)
  • Hugo printing Jim's linocuts, 2005
  • Jim, signing a limited edition print (Barry Evans)
  • Guanajuato, storm and sun (Barry Evans)
  • Patio from taller (Jenny Hibbard)
  • Taller (Jenny Hibbard)
  • Jenny and Jim Hibbard (Barry Evans)